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My name is Saskia Snikkenburg and I am an international health coach, nutritionist and yoga teacher based in Stockholm, Sweden. I want people to feel good and live a happy and healthy life. My coaching style is open and personal, allowing to find ways to live a healthier life for everyone.

Fertility problems in my late 30s have deepened my search to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I have experienced a lack of interest from the medical world in nutrition and lifestyle in relation to fertility problems.

I believe women would benefit greatly from a good nutrition support together with certain vitamin and mineral supplements to support conventional hormonal fertility treatments. Nutrition and lifestyle changes can increase a healthy woman’s chances to get pregnant.

Fertility clinics, nutritionists and health coaches should work close together in their mission to help women give birth to healthy babies.

Looking at my two wonderful daughters I just know they would not have been there without the decisions I made in the way I eat and how to live my life.

I was born in The Netherlands and studied and worked in Amsterdam until my late 20s. A period of 9 years after this living in Cape Town, South Africa have transformed me in many ways.

I decided to become a yoga teacher and nutritionist.

As I believed the holistic approach of both nutrition and yoga can help people reach their best health potential. It is as important to eat right as it is to move your body and have healthy thoughts and little stress.

Hello Sweden.


For the last 10 years I have my home in Sweden. Together with my two daughters I live in a nature filled area outside of Stockholm.

I teach yoga in Stockholm and Sigtuna, lead workshops and offer online one-on-one coaching sessions via Facetime an Zoom. Very convenient for my clients. Less traveling time and better for both our carbon footprint.

The last years I have developed online nutrition and detox courses. It is fantastic to reach many people with the interest to eat better and live healthier. This part of my work is growing fast.

I love to run and walk in the forest in my free time to connect to the beautiful Swedish nature. It is important for me to connect to nature and stillness. It makes me feel peaceful and happy.

I make sure I find time to relax in my busy life as a single mom and entrepreneur. It keeps me sane and in the end a much nicer mother & friend and a more focused coach and teacher.

A lot of my ideas and recipes for my online nutrition programs I have created in the times I relax my mind.

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