My Story.


Once upon a time I was on a marketing business trip to Toronto and was in my hotel reading the Yoga Journal. I felt so lonely and lost in my job and the hard world of sales and marketing. I remembered my body began to vibrate and got really warm. From my toes to the crown of my head I felt my mission was to teach…

…so I stepped out of the hamster wheel and followed my passion…

Yoga Teacher

My enthusiasm, compassion and alignment knowledge attracts both beginners as more advanced students. I am a senior Bikram & Vinyasa Yoga teacher, certified Medical Yoga and KidsYoga instructor. I also have a professional background in Pilates matt work. I ran my own yoga studio for 2,5 years near Cape Town, South Africa before moving to Stockholm.  I have been teaching yoga full time for 16 years. I lead classes, workshops and retreats in Sweden and abroad.

Holistic Nutritionist

I was taught the connection between body and mind at the Natural Nutrition Academy in South Africa. My interest for healing plant based food has found its real depth when I struggled with pregnancy. After 4 IVF treatments and two miscarriages I started to heal myself with a cleansing diet and natural food supplements to cleanse from hormonal treatments and prepare my body for healing.  Yoga and emotional healing therapies helped the healing process in a profound way. I have naturally conceived two beautiful babies at the age of 42 and 43.


I coach my clients where my goal is to give deeper insights why a healthier diet and more soulful lifestyle has not worked before. And can work with a more holistic approach. I coach 1:1 Zoom sessions online and hold health motivation talks at companies.

With the experience after my infertility journey I created a 7-day detox program. Up till today more than 500 people have followed my online program.

Hello Sweden.


Soon after I visited Stockholm for the first time in 2008, I arrived to teach yoga on a 2-month contract at DuCalme, I felt this was my new home.

In Stockholm there is a generous yoga community that I feel lucky to be part of.

I keep meeting fantastic people and help inspire many to live a more balanced healthy life.

I love to connect to nature and in my free time I run and walk in the forest close to my home. It is important for me to connect to nature and stillness. It makes me feel peaceful and happy.

I make sure I find time to relax in my busy life as a single mom and running my yoga & health business. Yoga and nature both keep me sane and in the end a much nicer person, mother & friend…

A more focused teacher and coach…

A lot of my ideas and recipes for my online nutrition programs I have created when I am in the flow of life.

Hi there!


If you need my help or have a question. Here is where you can send me a message.

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