Train your mind. Learn something new and rediscover yourself.

Train your mind

Learn something new and rediscover yourself

I had it all planned for a Summer trip with my girls. I rented a camper, we were going to travel the South of Sweden and it was going to be a fan-tas-tic trip. Most times my life works out pretty much as I imagined. Because I really love my life and know quite what I want and maybe even more important, I know what I don’t want. But oh my, how wrong I was this time!

After only 24-hours I was feeling unhappy, tired and trapped on a mundane camping in a confined space with me being the driver, travel agent, chef, electricity and water fixer, cleaner and keeping-kids-happy mom. Way too many balls in the air and it was supposed to be a heavenly time for us three. At the second evening I broke down in tears after having struggled with making the beds in the camper van. Imagine making a king-size bed in the space of a toilet…

We made a radical decision and pulled the plug, and we drove home after only two nights away. It was like feeling the thermometer of happiness rise the closer we came to home. A small note, my girls were just as happy and wanted to play with their toys and friends at home.

“Lesson learnt? It is good to test something new. To get out of your comfort zone and rediscover yourself. There is no such thing as a mistake, there are lessons to learn in struggling in the dirt a bit and yet so wonderful to get to the other side and feel even more liberated having dare to try in the first place.”

I really encourage you to start something new, something scary, something that you always wanted but never dared and feel free to fail, laugh and celebrate the lessons you learn!

Take good care of yourself!



Saskia Snikkenburg Health Coach
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