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    Do you want to reach your personal health goals? No one is the same and all our needs are different. I work with a complete and holistic approach towards your ultimate health and wellbeing. The way we eat, move and think affects the body. I like to look at what is going on in your life to achieve the best possible long-term health goals with your personal nutrition, exercise and mindset plan.
    A very effective 4-week coaching journey where I guide you to a personal new healthy lifestyle. The 4 intensive coaching sessions give us time to dive deep into your personal needs and wishes. I help you create and follow up on reaching your health goals. And give you firm and loving guidance along the way.
    This is a wonderful way to be guided to a healthy lifestyle that fits just you.
    COACHING CLIENTS SAY: What made you happiest in working with Saskia as your health coach? "Her positivity and enthusiasm, her realistic, flexible, and non-judgmental approach, and her knowledge and experience all made Saskia a wonderfully effective health coach with personalised advice and ideas." "The fact she listens and comes with creative solutions. And she is a empathetic and non-judgemental support all the way!" "I lost 5 kg and feel so much happier."  
    • LIVE meeting 90-minutes
    • 3 x 60-minute online coaching
    • A step-by-step personal nutrition & health plan with recipes
    • Effective personal stress reduction exercises & mindfulness tools
  • Book a Free 15-minute Health Discovery Call with me here!
    Schedule Appointment Do you:
    • feel drained and need more energy⁣
    • have trouble sleeping⁣
    • want to loose weight and keep it off⁣
    • eat more mindful and guilt-free⁣
    • want to live a balanced healthy lifestyle⁣
    • Do you want to tame your sweet tooth?
    • Take a deeper look at emotional eating patterns?
    • Or do you want health inspiration and new recipes?
    • Do you want to learn how to de-stress?
    Find out how I can best help you to become the most vital and healthy YOU!
  • A detox program beyond the ordinary.
    Learn new ways to feel your best.
    This is a daily guided natural food program with;
    • Gut health promoting recipes
    • Our own Tummy Health Detox Facebook group
    • Daily emails
    • Your own online program with step-by-step practical modules
    • Access to planning tools, recipes and lessons anytime of the day
    You will experience a fantastic boost of energy and discover new ways to live a vibrant healthy life.
    Your Life. Your Health. Your Choice.
  • This is a series of 4 yoga flow classes that help maintain your strength, flexibility and balance. To help you stay fit, strong and flexible during these challenging times during the Coronavirus. All you need is your yoga mat! It is time to turn your attention inward and get calm...
    1. Wake Up Strong Flow – More energy any time of day.
    2. Anytime Balance & Flow Class – For extra focus and balance.
    3. Core Work, Strength and Calm End Class – Centre yourself.
    4. Juice Up your Lower Back, Hips & Hamstrings – Deeper stretches.
    The classes are designed for yoga practitioners that already have practised yoga with me or are familiar with a vinyasa flow yoga style. The online program's access is valid for 6 months.