• A detox program beyond the ordinary.
    Learn new ways to feel your best.
    This is a daily guided natural food program with;
    • Gut health promoting recipes
    • Our own Tummy Health Detox Facebook group
    • Daily emails
    • Your own online program with step-by-step practical modules
    • Access to planning tools, recipes and lessons anytime of the day
    You will experience a fantastic boost of energy and discover new ways to live a vibrant healthy life.
    Your Life. Your Health. Your Choice.
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    Schedule Appointment Do you:
    • feel drained and need more energy⁣
    • have trouble sleeping⁣
    • want to loose weight and keep it off⁣
    • eat more mindful and guilt-free⁣
    • want to live a balanced healthy lifestyle⁣
    • Do you want to tame your sweet tooth?
    • Take a deeper look at emotional eating patterns?
    • Or do you want health inspiration and new recipes?
    • Do you want to learn how to de-stress?
    Find out how I can best help you to become the most vital and healthy YOU!
  • Saskia Health Coach 1 month coaching webshop
    SPECIAL PRICE -  Book your sessions with me this year. Be coached in 2020!
    A very effective 4-week coaching journey where I guide you to a personal new healthy lifestyle. The 4 intensive coaching sessions give us time to dive deep into your personal needs and wishes. I help you create and follow up on reaching your health goals. And give you firm and loving guidance along the way.
    This is a wonderful way to be guided to a healthy lifestyle that fits just you.
    COACHING CLIENTS 2019: What made you happiest in working with Saskia as your health coach? "Her positivity and enthusiasm, her realistic, flexible, and non-judgmental approach, and her knowledge and experience all made Saskia a wonderfully effective health coach with personalised advice and ideas." "The fact she listens and comes with creative solutions. And she is a empathetic and non-judgemental support all the way!" "I lost 5 kg and feel so much happier."  
    • First meeting 60-mintutes
    • 3 x 60-minute online coaching
    • A step-by-step personal health plan with recipes
    • Stress reduction exercises & mindfulness tools
    • meal planning guidance