Healthy Tummy Detox


A detox program beyond the ordinary.
Learn new ways to feel your best.
This is a daily guided natural food program with;
  • Gut health promoting recipes
  • Our own Tummy Health Detox Facebook group
  • Daily emails
  • Your own online program with step-by-step practical modules
  • Access to planning tools, recipes and lessons anytime of the day

You will experience a fantastic boost of energy and discover new ways to live a vibrant healthy life.

Your Life. Your Health. Your Choice.




With this new 7-day detox you will discover new ways to feel vital and healthy. You will receive easy delicious recipes, daily coaching with tips & information.

Join and find simple ways to cleanse and balance your tummy and gut.

“Saskia, I feel calmer and more grounded but also lighter. I will always be a returning attendee of your online food and detox programs with you, because I need your guidance to do this 100%. For every time I get wiser in my day-to-day life. Being reminded and refreshed is such a gift!”⁠

“Thanks so much for the wonderful detox menu and your lovely support! I’m going to continue eating healthy. I feel so good. And I reached my goal which was not eating in the evening. Yes!”