New You – Month


Healthy – Now and Forever

30 days of professional deep health coaching

  • 3 x 60-minute online coaching
  • Personal Nutrition Plan
  • Mindfulness & Life Coaching Tools

A 4-week coaching journey where I guide you to a personal healthy lifestyle. Our coaching sessions will give us time to dive deep into your personal needs and wishes. I help you create your intimately desired health goals. And give you clear and loving guidance along the way.


What made you happiest in working with Saskia as your health coach?

“Her positivity and enthusiasm, her realistic, flexible, and non-judgmental approach, and her knowledge and experience all made Saskia a wonderfully effective health coach with personalised advice and ideas.”

“The fact she listens and comes with creative solutions. And she is a empathetic and non-judgemental support all the way!”

“I lost 5 kg and feel so much happier.”

This is a wonderful way to be guided to a healthy lifestyle that fits just you.



Right now we live in a time of uncertainty.

A time where where we get a chance to look inside.

I like to look at what is going on in your life to achieve the best possible long-term health goals with your personal nutrition, exercise and mindset plan.

In a scale of 1-10…Are you a 10 to commit to your newl health goals?

I work with a complete and holistic approach towards your ultimate health and wellbeing.

The way you eat, move and think affects your body.

Take care of you and you will feel more peaceful and calm.





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