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7-Day Detox.


NEW DATE! Detox Program  11 – 17 MAY 2020

You can greatly improve your health and wellbeing in only week. This 7-day program is based on natural food, mostly plant based. You will learn how to repair and heal your body and live a healthy lifestyle that suits you personally. This is a cleansing and healing detox program beyond the ordinary.

Discover new ways to live a vibrant healthy life.

This online program includes:
  • Your Own Online Program

  • Preperation Kit

  • 6 Lesson Modules

  • All recipes

  • Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Tools

  • Daily Emails

Personal daily coaching during the detox:

Daily Coaching Email

A coaching email filled with information, inspiration and tips.

Facebook Group

Exclusive Facebook Community for detox members.

Email support

Do you have questions during the detox? I answer your questions within 24-hrs.

PRICE HEALTHY FOOD DETOX: 750 SEK (including tax).

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“Saskia, I feel calmer and more grounded but also lighter. I will always be a returning detoxer with you because I need your guidance to do this 100%. For every detox I get wiser in my day-to-day life. Being reminded and refreshed like this last week is such a boost!”⁠

“Jag behövde en ny boast genom en Detox. Det var så enkelt och energigivande, veckan gick alldeles för snabbt. Inte en enda gång kände jag mig hungrig eller grinig. Det var rättigenom en kick. Saskia ger mycket av sig själv och genom henne fick jag en massa lust, inspiration och energi.”

”I will continue to eat this way because I feel amazing!”

”My stomach is much flatter, bloating that I had almost disappeared in 7 days. I will continue this easy healthy diet for a while longer”

“Thank you so much for this week. I have learned so much about my own patterns and habits this week. I have learned how it improves my physical health to stay in feelings and not rush to something else (like eating!). I have learned to make spicy tea when coffee cravings are there, to make dry brushing of my skin a habit, to cook delicious new meals and how not to snack all the time.”

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