6 Health Coaching Benefits

6 Health Coaching Benefits

If you don’t like something, change it

When I had a moment to sit I realised how much my attitude towards life as changed the last few years. The other day I wrote in a post on Instagram saying “life does not owe you anything”. I want to explain this a little, because it can also sound unfriendly and what I mean with it can positively change your life. So keep reading!

What I mean is that your circumstances should not define the way you feel. The way you feel can shape your circumstances. And that is a whole different story. The first way of looking at life and your circumstances makes you a victim of the ‘stuff’ going on around you, the second brings you in control over your life. Can you imagine to lead the life you want? To take matters in your own hand? To live with joy in your heart, even on a rainy (soon) October day?

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.” Maya Angelou

I think we can all relate that life brings us challenges. Full stop. When we resist to that what makes us sad, angry, scared, insecure or powerless, it clings to you like a piece of toilet paper under your shoe on your first date. What we resist, persists, right? In buddhist terms we this is called human suffering. The suffering is not created by the situation itself, but byclinging on to the feeling of it.

So this goes together, here you have to pay attention 😉 Do not to let your circumstances define you. How? By not clinging on to the inevitable ‘stuff’, to not linger in your past or even sulk in your present moment, but move forward!!!

Dare to dream, dare to long for something, wish for something out loud, write it down, make it tangible. Feel how joyful you become of the thought of a particular wish or desire. Your inner joy is contagious, it draws more joy to you. People are drawn to your positive energy.

When my life got totally turned upside down 3,5 years ago, I knew instinctively I had to move forward. I had not really moved forward like this EVER. With a big pregnant belly I catapulted into my new future. I moved mountains. Also because I had to, but mostly because I was MOVING – FORWARD.  The movement resulted in me believing in my inner strength that lives hand-in-hand with joy. They are best friends you see. They really go well together.

From my heart I coach wonderful folks to live a healthier happier life. This is my mission and always will be.

The 6 main benefits of personal health coaching

  1. learn to get specific and goal oriented
  2. reaffirm your strengths & face your fears
  3. learn to make effective health choices (don’t waste time thinking too much)
  4. make real steps
  5. being held accountable to follow your plan
  6. change your life for good

Living life is amazing and challenging and I can help you move – forward.

Saskia Snikkenburg Health Coach
Who am I?

My name is Saskia Snikkenburg and I coach people to feel good and live a healthy life with better planning and less stress. Curious? Read more about Saskia right here or contact me directly.